As We Bid 2015 Adieu…This Small Little Goal of Mine

UPDATETYPENU Co has officially launched, follow the link here.

As 2015 comes to a close and everyone starts setting those New Year goals, I would like to share one of mine – I’ve been working this past year one something that complimented my day job, and that is launching a little online art/jewelry boutique both curated and created by me.  I’ve been on smaller platforms like Etsy and Storenvy but I’ve finally decided to just take the plunge on a full on hardcore e-commerce platform using Shopify.   Why the hell not!  A rebranding is also happening as I try to make my online presence a little less fragmented, so don’t freak when this blog and my social outlets change names; it’ll still be little ole me!

We’re still a week or two out, but I’m excited to share some of recent pieces that are part of my daily jewelry rotations below.  For the time being you can acquire them through here!


Spike Chain Ear Jackets


Moon and Stars Studs

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Alive Again: Summer Break, and Cute New Things

Hello lovelies!!

I took a break over the summer months from blogging, suddenly there was just a flurry of life events that really took me away from being able to sit down and concentrate at the computer for more than 5 minutes at a time.

But that’s boring stuff.  What’s new?!  Even though my blog has been missing out on love, I’m still working hard over on Etsy and I’m here to share some cute new things!

Cat lovers out there rejoice!


ker4 ker3 ker2 ker1


Are these not adorable.  Hope you liked them as much as I did!  As always, take 15% off your entire order this month with code: AUG15.  Deck out your hands for Fall and Back to School!

Happy shopping!

Monday Coffee and Instagram Feeds

Happy Monday guys!

This morning while doing my usual daily ritual of coffee pounding, I look at my IG feed and thought to myself, wow everything looks fantastic!  I couldn’t hit the like button fast enough.  So I thought, why not share my feed with you guys?

So without further ado, here are some solids from my IG feed.
















@house.inconnue (that’s me!)

A healthy dose of art, fashion, motivations, and locations.  It’s a good Monday indeed!

Until next time!

Living on the Trend: Beautiful Whites

White really isn’t so much a trend as it is just a normal fashion cycle, but every year during Spring/Summer it starts to trend and everyone salivates over it.  Including me!  It’s like the ultimate validation that yes, we can finally have after work drinks and dinner on that restaurant patio once again.

Below is my list of some cool, cool whites:



Aritzia Essonne Skirtaritzia

Aritzia Gardanne Dress


Mandula Deconstructed Jacket

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Brand Watch: Fine Life Co – New, Found & Made


Fine Life Co is just about every online boutique owner’s dream.  It’s a carefully curated collection of mostly minimal new and used items at prices for every budget, styled simply and beautifully.  Everything from wearable everyday tops and dresses to chic items for the home, just one click and I’m sure you’d be hooked!

Shop them here: Fine Life Co | New, Found & Made.

Follow @finelifeco on Instagram.


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Brand Watch: Nili Lotan – Wearable Minimals

I’m always on the hunt for minimalism – jewelry, accessories, interiors, you name it!  Nili Lotan has been around my radar recently so today I’d like to share her aesthetics with you!

Sometimes when we say “minimal fashion” we think flat lines and a somewhat difficult to approach styling, but  Lotan’s pieces are ultimately so wearable.  Attention to detail elevates her tops and bottoms from the retail everyday – curved corner hems, gauzy fine fabrics, drape and fit.  Hooray for woman designing for women!

Shop her here: Nili Lotan. Find her Tumblr here.

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