A Lesson Instead of Resolutions, Plus 2016 Style Goals

A twist from making New Years resolutions!  Screw them; let me instead share my most major lesson of 2015.  Yes I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ve been putting off writing this because 2015 just wasn’t a very good year for me.  Denial!


top: Urban / shorts: AEO / bag: Marcbymarcjacobs

A Lesson in Relationships

Being in the fashion industry I’m as materialistic as they come and I have no problems saying it out loud – in fact, if I’m not, I wouldn’t be very good at my day job.  I love my clothes, I love my shoes, and I love rolling around on the closet floor that’s full of my favorite things when I’m too lazy to hang them up.

But I consider my friendships priceless.

Throughout 2015 I encountered many attempts to put a price on one of mine, and I found myself thinking about the nature of that relationship.  Friendships are the results of 2 parties having mutual affection in its interactions with each other.  Most would agree that a good friendship is balanced; how much you get out of it depends on how much you put in.  There exists a mutual understanding and caring that goes beyond simple association.  But when one party doesn’t see it that way, how do you deal?  When he or she sees your friendship as a materialistic one, one that they can pay off and feel they owe you absolutely no time of day after what they would consider debts repaid, the relationship is broken.

The off balance relationship felt like one giant void of karmatic nothingness in which I was depositing into on a regular basis; it saddened me and left a sour and bitter bite on my mind and soul.  I took a long hard look at myself; maybe I was expecting too much.  If I offer my time and talents for free in the name of friendship, then maybe I deserve nothing back.

Who am I kidding, that’s bullshit.

Therefore, my lesson – you cannot control the cards you are dealt, but you can make decisions on how to play them.  I cannot control the action of others, but I certainly can control my own reactions.  Have more confidence in my own actions and talents, and stop letting others place value on something that deserves no price tag.  And never align yourself to values through the eyes of others.  The relationships dear to me will always remain priceless, and nothing will change that.

2016 Style Goals

Anyway, life does go on.  Let’s move on to the fashion side of things, 2016 winter style goals featuring oversized silhouettes, monochrome palettes, and minimalism.


Culottes be chic in over sized silo

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Runway Resort 2016 Favorites Batch #2

Laying out my second batch of favorites from the Resort 2016 runway!  It’s been a great season so far, and usually Resort collections are pretty doozy so I’m loving it.

If you missed my first batch and wants to check them out, find it here!

Alexander Wang

What he does best – the statement urban cool.



Alexis Mabille

Sometimes he’s so girly it hurts, but here I think he’s got a good balance.



Anna Sui

Feminine, soft, and flirty in a spectrum of textures and colors.  What else can we ask for?




Wang working his magic, but I do feel this is a bit too Alexander Wang and not enough Balenciaga.


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Lookbook.nu – Cool Diggin’

Is it just me, or did Lookbook.nu kind of fall off the face of the Earth?  I’m sure it’s still a popular platform for many out there, but there doesn’t seem to be any buzz for it anymore.   Personally it’s still one of my frequent go-to’s, but not too long ago when I was designing for a mass market retailer, none of my colleagues paid it much attention; it was all about the super star bloggers.

I feel like Lookbook.nu was one of the pioneers of daily style sharing on a worldwide platform, a spring board to many successful bloggers today.  In fact most users have their own solo blogging site anyway.  Well, this Friday I’m bringing the mothership back, sharing some of my favorite finds from Lookbook.nu below.

The embedding function isn’t quite working out for me, so clicking on each image will take you to the post on the site itself.



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