Monday Coffee and Instagram Feeds

Happy Monday guys!

This morning while doing my usual daily ritual of coffee pounding, I look at my IG feed and thought to myself, wow everything looks fantastic!  I couldn’t hit the like button fast enough.  So I thought, why not share my feed with you guys?

So without further ado, here are some solids from my IG feed.
















@house.inconnue (that’s me!)

A healthy dose of art, fashion, motivations, and locations.  It’s a good Monday indeed!

Until next time!


This Week’s Lifestyle Round Up, 5/8

I gotta say, it’s a relief that this week is finally over.  My boyfriend who works at a hospital basically brought home some hospital grade virus and passed it onto me when he thought he was just having a bout of bad allergies.

I’m finally healing but since I lived in bed for a good few days, the house became a mess and the fridge got stocked with pizza and bread sticks.  Way to heal with some wholesome food eh?  Yup you guessed it, boys are useless.  I ended up on having to skip out of the Vera Wang bridal trunk show at downtown SF which I was so excited about. Oh well, life moves on.

Out and about townDSC00945 1
DSC00295 1


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Just these few snaps to share this week, I’m still pretty shy about busting out my camera to try to take photos in public places, especially when I’m alone.  If you’re a fellow blogger, did you ever feel the same way?  How did you work around it?