As We Bid 2015 Adieu…This Small Little Goal of Mine

UPDATETYPENU Co has officially launched, follow the link here.

As 2015 comes to a close and everyone starts setting those New Year goals, I would like to share one of mine – I’ve been working this past year one something that complimented my day job, and that is launching a little online art/jewelry boutique both curated and created by me.  I’ve been on smaller platforms like Etsy and Storenvy but I’ve finally decided to just take the plunge on a full on hardcore e-commerce platform using Shopify.   Why the hell not!  A rebranding is also happening as I try to make my online presence a little less fragmented, so don’t freak when this blog and my social outlets change names; it’ll still be little ole me!

We’re still a week or two out, but I’m excited to share some of recent pieces that are part of my daily jewelry rotations below.  For the time being you can acquire them through here!


Spike Chain Ear Jackets


Moon and Stars Studs

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Monday Coffee and Instagram Feeds

Happy Monday guys!

This morning while doing my usual daily ritual of coffee pounding, I look at my IG feed and thought to myself, wow everything looks fantastic!  I couldn’t hit the like button fast enough.  So I thought, why not share my feed with you guys?

So without further ado, here are some solids from my IG feed.
















@house.inconnue (that’s me!)

A healthy dose of art, fashion, motivations, and locations.  It’s a good Monday indeed!

Until next time!

Happy Friday! I’ve Been a Busy Bee

Phew it’s been a week of working hard on the shop!  Listed new items, re-photoed other items, purchased materials and non-shop related items….heh heh that last part was just me taking advantage of a mid week trip into San Francisco.  I was carrying a gazillion things so I only got a few snaps while trying not to faint:

DSC01659 ramenoutfit tower

New shiny things that are now up in the shop:

XO STUd Earrings



Oh my gosh I’m seriously so excited about these little guys.  The Spike Ring and the Bar Code studs especially are now my most popular contenders!  Quantities are limited since it’s just me going at it so grab ’em if you like ’em

Oh and by the way just for you guys….. 20% off with code ‘IMPULSE’ (Etsy only).  Shhhh.

That’s all folks, happy Fuuuuuriiiiday!  Don’t forget to drop me a line!

New Print Now Up on Etsy!!

Hi friends!! Just a quick update today on the shop; I’ve been scratching my head for awhile now trying to find ways to diversify my store and always wanted to take a dig at prints.  This little interest is fueled by the fact that while I was going to school for Fashion Design I’ve often wondered what if I chose Graphic Design instead, which I was very close to doing?

This Earl Grey tea print is just me getting my feet wet; it’s versatile as kitchen decor or for any room of the house!  The tea cup is hand sketched, and a lovely watercolor effect is added to the entire art for texture.

Earl Grey Wall Mockup Earl Grey Closeup 1

This little art also makes great housewarming/wedding gift (hint hint)!  Available as a downloadable digital print (print your own! How cool is that?) or a traditional print.

Love it hate it?  Drop me a line!


Friday Newbies

Happy Long Weekend!  If you have a trip planned, I wish you smooth sailin’!  What are you still doing at your computer?  Get your work done and be gone!

But for the rest of us…maybe it’s jewelry shopping time?  Because I’ve got a few new things on the Etsy shop to share again, one cuter than the next!!  Without further ado…

Eternal Love Knot Ring

ikr5 ikr6 ikr1 ikr3


Golden Feather RIng

fcmr4 fcmr1 fcmr2 fcmr3


Lucky Horseshoe Studs

hse5 hse1 hse2 hse4


And yes I have a coupon for you guys…10% off your entire PURCHASE in may, use MAY10!

Happy Memorial Day weekend loves!  Can’t wait to see your posts with gorgeous photos abound.  As always, drop me a line!

Monochrome – My Favorite Kind of Palette

This has been one of those weeks where Tuesday felt like Wednesday, which results in the week feeling even longer.  Ack!

But you know what always make me feel better?  Looking at monochrome.  Some may find the lack of colors dull and boring, but I find it oh so soothing.  Without any 50 shades puns…I wanted to color your world (or not) with these monochromatic findings in interiors, fashion, and print.

FIGTNY: My monochromatic blogger extraordinaire

There are great fashion blogs out there.  And then there’s FIGTNY.  My heart belong to her colorless ways.

FIGTNY_141006_044-682x1024 FIGTNY_141005_1421-800x800 FIGTNY_141005_196-682x1024 FIGTNY_130418_110-2-800x800 FIGTNY_130320_365-800x800 FIGTNY_130320_092-3-800x800 FIGTNY_130307_061-682x1024

Melinda Woods on Etsy: Printable Art

Easy beautiful minimalist art can be yours from this precious Etsy print shop by Melinda Woods.

il_fullxfull.586214665_rdpc il_fullxfull.614221996_sllr il_fullxfull.731301224_oj7x il_fullxfull.646519529_5bfx il_fullxfull.615676440_ed2a

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