About Me


Welcome to the TYPENU Co BLOG!

WE’VE RELAUCHED!  In an effort to better pull everything together to make a stronger brand, our new brand is now called TYPENU Co, or aka The TYPENU Collective.


Hey guys!  My name is Alice.

I’m a fashion designer by day, jewelry coveter by night.  I created this blog to be a voice and identity behind the store, and to share with you my inspirations, work, and occasional life adventures.

Thank you for taking the time to drop by, I really appreciate it.  It is the dream of every small business to grow into something more, and it all starts with you. I hope you’ll like what you find in our world; please drop me a line whenever, about whatever!

Collaborations / Inquiries

Check us out at our new home TYPENU.com!  And if you like what you see,  drop me a line at contact@typenu.com and let’s see what we can do!



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