New Print Now Up on Etsy!!

Hi friends!! Just a quick update today on the shop; I’ve been scratching my head for awhile now trying to find ways to diversify my store and always wanted to take a dig at prints.  This little interest is fueled by the fact that while I was going to school for Fashion Design I’ve often wondered what if I chose Graphic Design instead, which I was very close to doing?

This Earl Grey tea print is just me getting my feet wet; it’s versatile as kitchen decor or for any room of the house!  The tea cup is hand sketched, and a lovely watercolor effect is added to the entire art for texture.

Earl Grey Wall Mockup Earl Grey Closeup 1

This little art also makes great housewarming/wedding gift (hint hint)!  Available as a downloadable digital print (print your own! How cool is that?) or a traditional print.

Love it hate it?  Drop me a line!



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