Friday Newbies

Happy Long Weekend!  If you have a trip planned, I wish you smooth sailin’!  What are you still doing at your computer?  Get your work done and be gone!

But for the rest of us…maybe it’s jewelry shopping time?  Because I’ve got a few new things on the Etsy shop to share again, one cuter than the next!!  Without further ado…

Eternal Love Knot Ring

ikr5 ikr6 ikr1 ikr3


Golden Feather RIng

fcmr4 fcmr1 fcmr2 fcmr3


Lucky Horseshoe Studs

hse5 hse1 hse2 hse4


And yes I have a coupon for you guys…10% off your entire PURCHASE in may, use MAY10!

Happy Memorial Day weekend loves!  Can’t wait to see your posts with gorgeous photos abound.  As always, drop me a line!


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