Monochrome – My Favorite Kind of Palette

This has been one of those weeks where Tuesday felt like Wednesday, which results in the week feeling even longer.  Ack!

But you know what always make me feel better?  Looking at monochrome.  Some may find the lack of colors dull and boring, but I find it oh so soothing.  Without any 50 shades puns…I wanted to color your world (or not) with these monochromatic findings in interiors, fashion, and print.

FIGTNY: My monochromatic blogger extraordinaire

There are great fashion blogs out there.  And then there’s FIGTNY.  My heart belong to her colorless ways.

FIGTNY_141006_044-682x1024 FIGTNY_141005_1421-800x800 FIGTNY_141005_196-682x1024 FIGTNY_130418_110-2-800x800 FIGTNY_130320_365-800x800 FIGTNY_130320_092-3-800x800 FIGTNY_130307_061-682x1024

Melinda Woods on Etsy: Printable Art

Easy beautiful minimalist art can be yours from this precious Etsy print shop by Melinda Woods.

il_fullxfull.586214665_rdpc il_fullxfull.614221996_sllr il_fullxfull.731301224_oj7x il_fullxfull.646519529_5bfx il_fullxfull.615676440_ed2a


Gareth Pugh Fall 2015: The most dramatic black and white dream

Gareth Pugh is an automatic go to when runway season rolls around, but he seriously knocked it out of the park this time.

Gareth_Pugh_034_1366 Gareth_Pugh_020_1366 Gareth_Pugh_018_1366 Gareth_Pugh_014_1366 Gareth_Pugh_010_1366 Gareth_Pugh_006_1366 Gareth_Pugh_001_1366

From Mad About the House: Monochrome Rugs by Woven Ground

Seriously, I’ll take the entire setup in these images.  Oh and the rug’s not bad, either.

WovenGround-Jasmine-by-Linie-Design-grey-lifestyle-small WovenGround-Giza-by-Linie-Desgin-grey-lifestyle-small WovenGround-Fade-by-Linie-Desgin-grey-lifestyle-small WovenGround-Channel-in-light-grey-lifestyle-small

Well!  I hope I was able to pass some of your time and made the Wednesday move a little bit quicker with these; happy Humpday loves.  Until next time, and as always, leave me a line!


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