A Quick Sunday Roundup from the Sickie


Sorry for the lack of posts this week friends…I don’t usually get sick but when it happens it HAPPENS.

Anyway, do you guys ever have hashtag go-tos?  One that you can always rely on to give you quality photos at any time of the day?  #onthetable is that one for me, have you heard of it?  If not, you’ve got to check it out.  As the hash states, people post about contents that’s on their table whether it’s breakfast or work or some sort of mystically unachievable lush arrangement of expensive objects.  The quality of most photos are superb, and it’s free of weird spam (for now, anyway).  I’m a regular contributor myself, although my photos never quite get that lush.  Below are some recent good ones:


Okay I’m slightly obsessed with the ones containing coffee.

Meanwhile, over in my Etsy Shop…

I’m super excited about a new Feather Ring that’s up in the store:


Remember the 20% off for Mother’s Day with code MOTHERSDAY!

Alright guys I’m off to spend rest of this Sunday to hopefully heal up.  Got a busy week ahead of me, including a Vera Wang trunk show!!  Photos of that to come.


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