Living on the Trend: Beautiful Whites

White really isn’t so much a trend as it is just a normal fashion cycle, but every year during Spring/Summer it starts to trend and everyone salivates over it.  Including me!  It’s like the ultimate validation that yes, we can finally have after work drinks and dinner on that restaurant patio once again.

Below is my list of some cool, cool whites:



Aritzia Essonne Skirtaritzia

Aritzia Gardanne Dress


Mandula Deconstructed Jacket


Mandula Knit Top

mandula top

Oak Priory of Ten Skirt

Oak Draped Dressoak dress

Kieley Kimmel Culotte Pants29f8e430f747d1b6b4645554f2a39e4a Nili Lotan Shirt

nililotanNili Lotan Capri Pants

nililotan pants

Zara Lookbook, Dress


Zara Lookbook, Eyelet Lace


Nicholas K Serius Sweater9cc08a3383ae8213b84e17ea06801044Pairing a white outfit with black or tan shoes is just soooo perfect right now, yums.

Thanks for scrolling guys; love these?  Hate these?  Leave me a line!  Either way I’m out to empty my wallet!


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