This Week’s Lifestyle Round Up and Some Musings

Happy Friday y’all.

Do you guys ever feel an identity crisis for your blogs?  I first started this one as a supplement to my little digital pop up boutique, and to share a bit of me so customers can get a sense of who they’re buying from.  But since then I feel like it’s grown cluttered, because I just have too many things I wanted share!  My favorites brands, new found obsessions, lifestyle, fashion, and of course most importantly products from my store, the posts go on and on!  Anyone out there feel the need to streamline their blog?

Anyway, enough wonderings, time for sharing.

 Out and About in LA






DSC00547DSC00551DSC00559DSC00566 DSC00561

Plaid Dress: Zara // Graphic Tee: AllSaints // Boyfriend Jeans: AEO

I think this week’s roundup is just going to be mostly my LA trip over the weekend.  It’s unfortunate every time I go back it’s always go go go none stop; LA is my home base and where most of my family and friends reside.  I don’t get to visit often so there’s always so much to do the minute I get there, so many people to see!  It’s also so joyful though seeing the people you love, plus LA is so urban I absolutely miss it.

No thanks to the heat though, no thanks.  This cool weather girl just can’t even.  Thanks for scrolling through loves, I hope you enjoyed!!

Leave me a line k?



15 thoughts on “This Week’s Lifestyle Round Up and Some Musings

  1. lovekikue says:

    I had that struggle too. There was definitely a couple of years where my blog stayed dormant for a while because I just felt confused. If you scroll back enough, I even have a post about how I cooked an easy salmon recipe haha (I don’t know, it seemed interesting at the time lol). Anyways, just keep going, I think you really have good content here :] you got me interested.
    Just keep posting what you love, and everyone will love you for it 😀


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