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Is it just me, or did Lookbook.nu kind of fall off the face of the Earth?  I’m sure it’s still a popular platform for many out there, but there doesn’t seem to be any buzz for it anymore.   Personally it’s still one of my frequent go-to’s, but not too long ago when I was designing for a mass market retailer, none of my colleagues paid it much attention; it was all about the super star bloggers.

I feel like Lookbook.nu was one of the pioneers of daily style sharing on a worldwide platform, a spring board to many successful bloggers today.  In fact most users have their own solo blogging site anyway.  Well, this Friday I’m bringing the mothership back, sharing some of my favorite finds from Lookbook.nu below.

The embedding function isn’t quite working out for me, so clicking on each image will take you to the post on the site itself.




4352087_DSC_1321_014392195_CIMG1774_副本_mh1427346458833_副本 (1) 4391671_FullSizeRender



..And many many more!  I apologize in advance for your temporary addiction to the site.  I also apologize for my blatant favoritism towards dark colors, black and white, blazers and trenches, and odd lengths.  Actually no I don’t!  I love it!

Love these? Hate these?  Share your thoughts below!


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