Dreamy Spaces – A Tiny Scandinavian Apartment

– As seen on DecorDots –

I swear these mysterious magical interior spaces only exist on Pinterest.  Below is a gorgeous space conscious Scandinavian apartment located in Stockholm, carefully filled with a mix of designer and Ikea pieces to pull together a minimal, functional space but still cozy and inviting.

Scandinavian-style-living-room-in-black-and-white-and-grey Monochrome-living-room-bedroom.-Scandinavian-cozy monochrome-living-room nordic-style-bedroom

workspace-ideas workspace-details-monochrome-cardboard-cork kitchen-Thonet-chairs entry-with-black-stained-wooden-wall bathroom-details-LA-Bruket

— photos via Stadshem, styled by Charlotte Ryding

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7 thoughts on “Dreamy Spaces – A Tiny Scandinavian Apartment

  1. Shannon says:

    Scandinavian design always has me dreaming of light & airy spaces & pinning more images to Pinterest than I have time for. Love this post. I could get lost in those few photos for hours haha


  2. touchofa says:

    I love this combination. If only I had seen this a couple of months ago while furnishing my studio apartment. Also. I’ve fallen in love with your blog ever since I came across it a few days ago. I’m seriously hooked!!
    Love from Dubai,



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