Satomi Kawakita Jewelry

Satomi Kawakita NYC has some of the most exquisite jewelry around; her styles involves each piece to have an unique organic touch that’s unlike any other brand.  Ultimately everything is casual and easy to wear, yet there’s that little magic spark with each one that will have people asking where the hell you procured something so cool.

Via Satomi Kawakita Jewelry.


E1408-18KY-1_grandeE0704-SS-1_1024x1024 E1402W-18KY_SS-1_1024x1024 E1403W-OX-2_grande Necklaces:

N0507W-18KY-1_1024x1024 N1301W-18KY-1_grande


R0108-18KY-1_1024x1024 R0206BK-18KR-1_copy_1024x1024 R0310W-18KW-3_1024x1024 R0702W-SS-1_1024x1024 R2204BR-18KW_1_1024x1024

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